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New Wicks for a Better Burn

We know that a few customers have mentioned having burn issues with the wicks we were using (zinc-core 44-24-18), so we decided to go in an entirely different direction with our wicks. We did LOTS of research and testing and found a winner! The CD-12 braided wicks won by a landslide.

These new CD-12 wicks have no metal core - they are cotton flat braid wicks woven with paper filament, and pre-waxed - optimal for the ideal, even, and consistent burn in every candle.

On top of being lead and zinc free, these wicks provide an excellent and even melting pool and won't extinguish themselves ("drown") while burning. We've already had some great feedback from our regular customers who were able to compare the old wicks with the new ones - and it's unanimous that the new CD-12 wicks are far superior. The difference really is night and day.

All Underworld Connection candles made from now on will only have the new CD-12 wicks - even the 4oz tin candles. So if you've had issues in the past with our wicks staying lit, we apologize and encourage you to try our candles with these amazing new wicks - you won't be disappointed!

Use code THANKYOU10 for 10% off your entire order at checkout!


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