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NEW! Create Your Own Candles!

Do you like our candles but just haven't found exactly what you want among our listings? Perhaps you've looked at our humble selection and thought, "Gee whiz...they should make this candle!".

Wouldn't it be mega dope if you could just design your OWN candle, right down to the label?

Well, at the risk of sounding like an over-zealous infomercial announcer ... NOW YOU CAN!

Due to numerous candle customization requests, we have now added CREATE YOUR OWN CANDLE to our permanent listings! Awesome, right?

Check out our listing here: CREATE YOUR OWN CANDLE

It's super easy and with the holidays coming up, these will make the perfect personalized gifts for your family, friends, coworkers...or even your favorite barista with whom you're kind of on friendly terms since you see them every day but your personal interaction is limited by the customer-barista barriers so you're not sure whether to technically call them a "friend" or not...I mean, do you even know each other's birthdays?


To create your own candle, simply select which colors you would like for the top and bottom layers. (If you happen to be colorblind, like one of my very good friends is, don't fret - the color names pop up once you click on them.)

Next, select your desired fragrance from the drop-down list (more than 50 scent options!).

Then select what color you would like for the signature wax swirl on top!

But it doesn't stop there - you can also 100% customize the NAME and DESCRIPTION on the label of your candle, too! Whhhaaaaaat??? Yep.

Simply enter your desired text for the Name into the "Name" field. It can be anything from the name of the fragrance you chose, to your favorite teacher's name, a Happy Birthday wish to your barista once you find out their birthday, or even a marriage proposal! (...but not to your barista. We do not advise proposing to your barista.)

Feel free to get creative (but please refrain from including vulgar words in your design, as we would like to remain family-friendly, thank you. If you are incapable of following directions, we will replace any vulgar words with the bleepy versions...which, we admit, might actually be kind of funny depending on context...but yeah, please just don't do it. Kthnxbai).

If you leave the Name section blank, the name of your candle will be the fragrance you selected.

Then you can add whatever description you would like in the field below it. You can put anything from a heartfelt sentiment, to a clever quip or an inside joke, your favorite Albus Dumbledore quote - or you can leave it entirely up to us by leaving this field blank.

And there you have it! You've designed your very own candle and didn't even have to contend with any hot wax burns or coffee-fueled all-nighters - that's our job! 😀

Once you've created your masterpiece, don't forget to add it to your cart and check out - otherwise we'll have no knowledge of said masterpiece which might have graced the world. We're not wizards after much as we hate to admit it.

So hop on over to our listing here: CREATE YOUR OWN CANDLE and start designing your own candles now!

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