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It began with a Gothic Dream...

Gothic 1.jpg

Greetings, fellow candle-lovers! My name is Leah, and I want to thank you for visiting my shop! Most of the internet knows me as "LeahMouse" - the colorful-haired whacky girl with a couple of YouTube channels and endless silly accents.

I've always been fascinated by the spookier things in life, and in 2011 when I first tried my hand at candle-making, "Gothic Dream" was my very first creation. I enjoyed getting creative with the candle names and experimenting with different scents together to create something entirely unique. I had no idea my hobby would bloom into a successful market for spooky and alternative candles. But, boy am I happy that it did!

Me with candles promo.jpg

I started small with an Etsy shop (which took me a couple of weeks to even figure out how to use), and over the years my ideas and customer base just kept on growing. Now I have the Etsy shop (also called Underworld Connection) and this website - both of which I'm now an expert at running, hehe.

I use all-natural soy wax for my candles, which makes for an eco-friendly and clean burn, and excellent scent throw. I hand-pour every candle as it is ordered, so nothing is ever just sitting on a shelf, gathering dust, waiting for a home. And my favorite twist (no pun intended) is the signature wax swirl I put on top of every candle.

I don't have employees, assistants, marketing managers, bookkeepers, or website designers - this whole shebang is 100% all me. I admit, it's hard work being a one-woman show, often up to 20-hour working days. But I truly do love every second of it! And I couldn't have gotten this far without you - all the candle-lovers out there - who appreciate my candles as much as I do. And I hope we can continue to grow together for as long as possible.

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