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I got a suggestion from a very clever person that Birthday Boxes would be a good addition to Underworld Connection... so I did it!

The Birthday Box will be very different from our other products and boxes - it will be even better! You can build your custom Birthday Box for yourself or as a gift for someone else (if you order for yourself and it's not really your birthday... don't worry, I won't tell anyone, hehe).

You can choose which three products you would like me to make for you (choose from any candle size, sugar scrubs, and body butters) and then use the text fields to fill in what you (or the birthday person you want to gift to) like best for colors, scents, and themes. Our expert Scent Wizard (that's me... but it sounds cool to say it that way, doesn't it?) will use this information to concoct awesome customized products unique to your box. Your box will be priced according to the products you choose for your box.

BUT WAIT... THERE'S MORE!! In addition to unique customized Underworld Connection products, your box will also include fun trinkets, yummy treats, a birthday card, and a special surprise gift that fits the theme you tell us your birthday person (or you) likes best!

And, as always, if you have any questions you can message me (my name is Leah, by the way... hi!) via the chat on the website, or email me at:

Build your birthday (or un-birthday!) box today at


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