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FLASH SALE!! 40% OFF Entire Store!!

I'm feeling a bit nutso today. Maybe it's the blizzard that hit this morning... or maybe it's the pumpkin waffles I just had. I dunno.

But EVERYTHING on is 40% OFF until 11am Central Time (that's Noon for you East Coast people, and 9am for you Pacific people) tomorrow (January 14th)! That's only 24 hours!!!

NOW is the time to redeem those skull points for you Candle Club members - rack up your discounts and save big on those body butters, scrubs, or candles you've had your eye on for a while.

This kind of sale won't happen again anytime soon... (unless there's another blizzard and pumpkin waffles combo situation on my end...), so take advantage while you can!

Visit and check out the 40% OFF entire store sale - only for 24 hours!! GO, GO, GO!!!


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