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Many customers have given feedback about the shipping prices on our website and our Etsy store, noting that they seemed a little high. I agreed, but didn't think I could do anything about it because the prices were automatically calculated by USPS by size, weight, and destination of the package.

However, I have since found that with Priority Flat Rate shipping boxes provided by USPS, this decreases the shippings costs substantially - especially for larger orders. In the past, customers would be charged upwards of $35 for more than 5 or 6 candles - but with the Flat Rate shipping, the same amount of candles can be easily ordered with only a shipping cost of around $14!

At first, I could find no settings in place in the shipping options settings on this website or Etsy to accommodate Flat Rate shipping. This was frustrating, because my customers' needs are very important to me, and I was determined to fix this.

To resolve the issue, I set aside many hours to painstakingly look up zip codes for each US state, use the online USPS shipping calculator, and plug the numbers into the website shipping settings to make it accurate.

Etsy was not, however, so easy as they only allow you to select shipping by country rather than by state - and their calculated shipping is, unfortunately, completely wrong, somehow. I spent several more hours fiddling with various settings on Etsy until FINALLY I got the costs down to what they should be.

Now, I am proud to say that all domestic customers will enjoy not only cheaper shipping, but faster and more secure orders due to the 1-3 day Priority shipping I will be exclusively using from now on.

Thank you for your feedback and I look forward to making candles for everyone! Don't forget to check out our new Halloween candles and use coupon code THANKYOU10 for 10% off at checkout on or our Etsy Shop! (Code must be typed in all caps to work properly).

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