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Choose a box size to suit your budget as a one-time purchase, or Subscribe to sign up to automatically receive your choice of box size every month, and save 20% off the price!

The box theme will change every month - packed full of different spooky goodies to fit the theme. Select exclusive products will be available only through our subscription box, and others might be available for individual sale the following month. Boxes will include scented candles, wax melts, whipped sugar scrubs, body butters, random fun trinkets, and special surprise gifts. MINI BOX - $25: If you're on a tight budget, the Mini Box is a great way to get a fun box of awesome products without breaking the bank. (A $35 product value) MEDIUM BOX - $50: A great option to get lots of fun goodies, the Medium Box contains a great variety of exclusive products. (A $75 product value) MEGA BOX - $90: Packed with spookiness, the Mega Box is an awesome way to get a big boodle of exclusive themed goodies. (A $125 product value) MONSTER BOX - $150: If you mean business and want a massive haul of awesome scents and exclusive goodies, the Monster Box is definitely the way to go. (A $190 product value)

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