❄️🕯️ Don't miss our BIGGEST SALE of the year! 🕯️❄️ ALL CANDLES - including Sample Sizes and Create Your Own - are marked 25% OFF! That's just $11.25 for Create Your Own Candle $9.75 each for regular candles and only $3.38 for sample sizes!! WHAT? I know, right? 🚚📦 And you still get FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50*! 🚚📦 That's a super huge savings of... erm... ah... *tries to do math* ... well... it's definitely a lot! 🎄🎄 PLUS, check out our newly released line of CHRISTMAS CANDLES 🎄🎄 Brand new additions with nostalgic and homey holiday aromas - CINNAMON CIDER, COOKIES FOR SANTA, and CHRISTMAS CAROL ​ GINGERBREAD PIE, SNOW QUEEN, and a favorite among fans of Mean Girls - YOU GO,

NEW! Create Your Own Candles!

Do you like our candles but just haven't found exactly what you want among our listings? Perhaps you've looked at our humble selection and thought, "Gee whiz...they should make this candle!". Wouldn't it be mega dope if you could just design your OWN candle, right down to the label? Well, at the risk of sounding like an over-zealous infomercial announcer ... NOW YOU CAN! Due to numerous candle customization requests, we have now added CREATE YOUR OWN CANDLE to our permanent listings! Awesome, right? Check out our listing here: CREATE YOUR OWN CANDLE It's super easy and with the holidays coming up, these will make the perfect personalized gifts for your family, friends, coworkers...or even yo


A brand new selection of candles has arrived! We've completely revamped our candles to include lower prices, spookier looks, and added a "twist" - a spooky wax spiral swirl on top of every candle! Your same favorite scents like "Gothic Dream" and "Nevermore" are still available, along with some new additions like "Graveyard Fog" and "Dracula's Castle" - only $13 each! Even our sample-sized candles got in on the makeover 😱 Customizable scents and colors complete with spooky swirl for only $4.50 each! PLUS we've added FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50! Just use promo code FREESHIP50 at checkout to see that shipping cost disappear 😉 🕯 🕯 Also on Etsy:

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