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25% OFF?? Yes, please!!

Things are getting spooky around here! And to celebrate the spooky season upon us, we're giving 25% OFF every order over $10 until Sept. 24th! WOOHOO!!

If you've been waiting for the right time to stock up on your favorite Underworld Connection scents (or try some new ones!), NOW is the time! (Seriously... we don't run sales this big very often. I think the Pumpkin Spice coffee has finally gotten to our heads, mwahahaha...)

Save even MORE money on BUNDLE PACKS of 4oz candles and wax melts, and get yourself an awesome scented haul at a discounted price!

And don't forget about our CUSTOM CANDLE option where you can design your own candle from scratch - scents, colors, label, everything! - for the same price as a regular candle.

Candle Club members, time to use those points you've been saving up and redeem for codes for even bigger discounts!

We are seriously motivated to get you some spooky stuff for great savings right now, so... ya know... I'd do it, if I were you, hehe.


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