Create your own customized Underworld Connection candle!


~ Simply select your desired colors, fragrance, and wax swirl color from the drop-down lists ~

(Note: Fragrance lists are divided alphabetically. If your chosen fragrance is not in one of the lists, please select "Not listed" from that group)


~ If you would like to personalize the candle name and/or the text description below the name on the label, simply fill in the personalization boxes with desired Name and Description text.

(Name Example: Tropical Soda)

(Description Example: When regular soda just doesn't cut it.)


~ If label personalizations are left blank, your candle label name will be the name of the fragrance you have selected, with an accompanying complimentary description ~


NOTE: Titles or descriptions requests with vulgar words will not be honored.

Top Layer Color
Bottom Layer Color
Fragrance A-K
Fragrance L-Z
Wax Swirl Color
  • Details

    ~ Double-layered candle
    ~ Quality-sealing, screw-top lid
    ~ Unique signature wax swirl on top
    ~ Made with 100% natural soy wax 
    ~ Hand-poured into an attractive 9 oz. jar
    ~ Burns slowly and evenly with excellent scent-throw


    ~ 100% soy wax
    ~ Fragrance oil
    ~ Zinc-core wick
    ~ Solid dye chips (for color)
    ~ Removeable paper label
    ~ Plastic screw-top lid
    ~ 9 oz. glass jar

  • Burn Time

    40-45 hours



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