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Hurricane Irma

If you have placed - or intend to place - an order on or after September 1st, please be advised that the order may be delayed due to the conditions brought on by Hurricane Irma.

We are located in Tampa, Florida and while I am able to ship a few orders out today, I cannot guarantee the speed at which they will travel once in the hands of the postal system. I also have run out of candle jars, myself, and am unable to guarantee a timely receipt of my supply shipment for the same reason.

I will restock and resume filling orders when the threat has passed, but until then, I am unable to do so at the present time. Please be patient and know that I will still send out the orders as soon as I can. And please do not let this deter you from ordering, as I fully intend to bust butt filling orders again once I am able - I can do it all in one day, if I have to.

If evacuation is necessary, we are prepared and have a plan in place. I will post updates as needed. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers - if that's your style - and I appreciate your continued support of my shop. Thank you.

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