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New Wax Melts!

I have been wanting to switch from the skull shapes to the clamshells for years now, but most of my customers said they liked the skulls. So, my apologies go to those who were in love with the skull shapes, but it was time for a change. And I promise you'll love the new melts!

Now with the new design, you'll get the lovely Underworld Connection label - just like the candles have - as well as

a spooky swirl on each melt, for a fun experience every time you use one!

Go to now, visit your listings of choice, and "Pick Your Poison" to get your favorite scents in our cool new wax melts!

And don't forget that EVERY order from now until August 31st gets a FREE 4oz candle from the new Halloween set, officially releasing Sept. 1st!



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