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NEW! Candles for Introverts!

Are you an introvert or know someone who is?

Socializing isn't our favorite thing, as introverts, especially if you happen to have anxiety on top of it (like I do).

We prefer staying in with a good book in a comfy chair, maybe with a kitty cat on our laps. Or binge-watching our favorite shows with a big pile of snacks. Perhaps doing a crossword puzzle while sipping a cup of coffee, or having a quaint cup of tea in a lush garden. Now that's a Saturday night, my friend!

So, I decided to make a brand new line of candles honoring introverts and those who suffer from anxiety.

Among the new line of ten candles includes three anxiety-reducing candles you can choose your own soothing scent for: "Do Not Disturb" - "It Will Be Ok" - and "Recharge".

Check out our entire collection of 10 new candles, and use promo code INTROVERTLIFE at checkout for a 12% discount on your entire order! (coupon expires June 8th, 2021). Select from 16oz, 9oz, or 4oz candles, or wax melts.

Grab your favorites and prepare for a relaxing night inside, away from the hustle and bustle.


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