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Just released - 8 brand new spooky candles! And for a limited time (only until March 7th), we will include a FREE 4oz mystery candle with every order from the new set! How awesome is that?!

These are a new and exciting addition to our spooky candle family, and we're sure you will love them! There's something for everyone in this collection - from dark to floral to spicy to calming - this collection is a wider span of fragrances than we've ever had, before. (See below the photos in this post for scent descriptions of each candle.)

ASYLUM SEEKERS - A dark, yet calming scent. Smells like clean air and musk. Pleasantly eerie.

CEMETERY PICNIC - A fragrant floral bouquet. Smells like roses, violets, lavender, and just a touch of musk (it is a cemetery, after all).

CROW HAVEN - A spicy, dark blend of spices and Earth tones. Smells like a spooky Fall fragrance.

DARK SECRETS - A soothing and pleasant fragrance. Smells like blackberry and sage (not very strong on the sage - it's quite a lovely scent combination... probably our favorite candle of this collection)

EVIL EYE - A powerful blend of black licorice and jasmine. Smells like a dark, magic spell (yeah, we're not quite sure what that means, either... but that's what it smells like!)

HEMLOCK GROVE - Does not smell like actual hemlock, haha. A minty evergreen blend with a touch of clove. Very pleasant.

PORTRAITS OF THE DEAD - A darker floral scent with birch, honeysuckle, and rose. Smells like a haunted parlor in a spooky mansion, perhaps.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS - A soothing and relaxing blend of cedar, musk, and spices. Not too strong - just pleasant. Smells like a good book and a snuggle with a cat.

Check out the new collection at and don't forget to redeem your Skull Points for special discounts - or sign up for the Candle Club if you haven't already, and start earning Skull Points for every dollar spent!

And don't forget, every order from this new set will get a FREE 4oz mystery candle included in your package! Huzzah!


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