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Did you grow up in the 90s and now miss all the wonderful things that made up those cozy years spent in a simpler time?

Did you also know that scent is the biggest sensory trigger for memories? You can remember how a place looked, sounded, and maybe felt... but the smell of a certain time or place can make you recall old memories as if you were transported back to them in that moment.

So, I decided to make a brand new line of candles based on nostalgic memory-triggers from the 90s!

The new line of candles scopes across actual scents of things we remember - like "Lip Balm Necklace" (based on the Lip Smacker lip balms), "Three-Foot Fruit Snack" (based on the yummy treat, Fruit by the Foot), and "Hyper in a Can" (based on our favorite caffeinated soda, Surge) - and also some atmospheric memory scents that take us back to times and places that are lost, but not forgotten - like "Video Store", "Mix Tape", and "Roller Rink Party".

Check out our entire collection of 12 new candles, and use promo code 90SPARTY at checkout for a surprise discount on your entire order! (coupon expires March 20th, 2021). Select from 16oz, 9oz, or 4oz candles, or wax melts.

Let's go back to the 90s and have some fun!


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