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Important Shipping Update

Due to changes the USPS recently made on January 22nd, 2023, (you can reference their article about it HERE), I can no longer ship with Regional Rate Priority boxes.

What this means: The Regional Rate boxes were the most cost-effective way to ship, thus keeping shipping prices as reasonable as possible. But with USPS doing away with these boxes, now shipping on all orders will be priced by total weight and destination of the package. Sometimes the shipping price might not be much different from what you're used to, and sometimes it might be a bit higher. I apologize for this, but it is out of my control. And frankly, it kind of sucks.

The only real change I've had to make on my end is the free shipping cap. I used to be able to offer free shipping on (domestic US) orders over $50, due to being able to use the Regional Rate boxes, because I could pack a sizable order in the same box for the same shipping price as just one candle. But now that each shipment will be priced by weight, I would likely end up paying out-of-pocket for shipping if I continued this offer. Which also sucks.

However, I still do want to offer free shipping for sizable orders, so I am. I've adjusted the minimum order total to $75 for the free shipping to kick in. This way, you can still take advantage of free shipping on larger orders - especially considering the cost to ship an order $75 or over would likely be higher than you would enjoy paying. I'm happy to still provide this option, because I believe loyalty should be rewarded. So no matter what happens, I will always have a free shipping option, even if I need to make adjustments here and there to accommodate changes that are out of my control.

The USPS is a big fan of raising prices and changing things to cut their costs. I must say, I have sympathy for them because I understand having to cut costs. However, unfortunately, that means businesses and customers are the ones who have to pay the price - literally. So, I apologize for any changes in shipping costs that you might experience. Shipping prices will be automatically calculated by weight and destination by USPS at checkout, and I have zero control over that, sadly. But I hope by providing the automatic free shipping on $75 orders or more, this will help ease the sting.

Thank you for being loyal customers and friends, and I will continue to work hard to make sure we can all be as happy as possible, and continue to enjoy wonderful and spooky scents together.


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