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If you haven't heard yet - I'VE REINVENTED and am RELAUNCHING MY CANDLES!

Yep. That's right.

And this is the FIRST time I'm leaking a photo of the BRAND NEW candles! Up until now, it was all top secret and hush-hush. But I've decided to give you a taste of what I have in store for the re-launch.

The new candles will be the same great fragrances and names that you love - with a few new-comers, of course - but with all-new awesome designs! Bigger (12 oz.!) and more attractively-shaped jars (no more silly little 8 oz. mason jars!), stylish fabric-covered lids, stunning multiple layers of fragranced wax, and topped with cute complementary charms dangling from tied colorful ribbons.

Below is the FIRST LOOK EVER of two of the completed NEW candles, just as a sample of what is to come!

To promote the re-launch, I will be having a 25% OFF SALE for the first week of their release, so bust into those piggy banks and get ready to fill your home with some awesome fragrances!

The sale will take place on Underworld and the Underworld Connection Etsy store.

But if you just don't have the funds right now - no need to fret. You STILL could WIN a candle (and lots of other goodies!) in the PROMOTION GIVEAWAY CONTEST I'll be running at the same time!

Just keep an eye on either my LeahMouse Facebook page, the Underworld Connection Facebook, my website, or the Underworld Connection blog page (which is where you are right now) for the details and announcement of the contest. Make sure to click the thumbs-up "LIKE" button on the Facebook pages and/or subscribe to the blog(s) on my websites so you don't miss it!!!

The contest will run during the same week as the launch sale, so be ready! Winners will receive a bath & beauty basket packed with awesome-smelling bath and beauty products from Underworld Connection and Beeyond 1817.

I hope you guys are all as excited as I am! If you want to let your friends and family in on the re-launch sale and contest, be sure you share this post and/or our website on your social media!

See you at the relaunch!

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