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Wednesday, and Enid, and Thing... *snap snap*

Nevermore Academy's most unlikely, yet somehow perfectly matched best friends come to life with this new candle set! Wednesday is dark, sultry, and spicy... while Enid is bubbly, soft, and sweet - the perfect candle set for you and your bestie!

And of course this dynamic duo wouldn't be complete without their partner in crime - Thing! When you order the Wednesday & Enid candle set, a 4oz Thing candle is included for free! (He just loves to tag along, you know.) And, of course, the Thing candle smells like notes of Neroli and Bergamot from his favorite hand lotion (as quoted by Wednesday in the new Netflix series).

A great gift set for Valentine's Day, or any occasion - one candle for one friend or partner, and the other candle for the other friend or partner! As for Thing... I guess you might have to just share custody, haha. You can also order Wednesday or Enid individually, but remember that Thing is only included with the set. He is loyal to both of his friends, after all.

Get yours here: Wednesday & Enid Candles

Also, a lot more candles have just been added to Clearance, so you can grab a few of your old favorites at a discounted price while you're at it!


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