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In the nearly 12 years I've been making candles, for some reason there is one theme I've always neglected - Summer!

In all honesty, Summer is my least favorite time of year. My German skin sunburns easily, bugs are relentlessly attracted to me, and I feel like I'm suffocating in any temperature over 75 degrees.

HOWEVER... this doesn't mean we can't all enjoy some cool new candles in the bug-free shade of our air-conditioned homes. So I've made an all-new Summer candle collection that I really think you will enjoy! I've never made candles like these before, and I had a lot of fun designing them - the scents are unique blends that say "Summer", without all that annoying beachy "fun-in-the-sun" nonsense that other candle companies promote.

The candles are currently available for pre-order and will be expected to ship out in early June (simply because I was too excited to release these and I jumped the gun, haha). So take a gander through the listings at and pre-order your favorites in any size, now!


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