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New Christmas Candles and FREEBIES!!

A brand new collection of Christmas candles have hit the shelves in our shop, and we've put a brand new twist on a few of them!

But first... we should mention that if you place ANY order between now and Nov. 21st, you will get a FREE mystery 4oz Christmas candle included with your order! Who doesn't love a surprise stocking stuffer for yourself, or someone else, right? Go to to order now, or keep reading to see what awesome new things we've done with this year's candles, and then go pick some out for yourself or as gifts!

The first nifty thing we decided to try was to make a Milk & Cookies scented candle - with actual chocolate chips!! Okay, okay... they're not REAL chocolate chips (darn it!) but they do smell and look just like them! The chocolate chips in our new Milk & Cookies candle are made from a paraffin/soy wax blend (the same wax we use to make our wax melts) and scented like rich chocolate. They melt beautifully as the candle burns, and create a yummy chocolatey fragrance in your cookie atop this candle. The candle smells like chocolate chip cookie and sweet milk, and the chocolate chips just add that extra special yumminess!

We also decided to expose our funny bones a bit this year, and make a candle inspired by "that one person" we all know, who sometimes takes the holiday festivities a bit too far. It's called Drunk At the Christmas Party (again) and it smells and looks like a glass of holiday rum! The bonus twist we added to this candle is the ice cubes on top. The ice cubes are made with gel wax which is compatible with our soy wax candle, though it won't burn as quickly as it is denser than the soy wax. We figure this candle would make an excellent gag gift for "that" person in your life (just make sure they know how to take an affectionate joke!)

We also decided to make a special candle devoted to all the grown-up 90s kids (yes, that includes us!) who have seen the Christmas classic "Home Alone" more times than the Wet Bandits can injure themselves without perishing. This candle is called Little Nero's Pizza after the shop the McCallisters order their pizza from. This candle represents the cheese pizza that Kevin wanted all to himself. And yes, it actually smells like a delicious pizza, and includes shredded cheese and seasoning on top! The cheese is shredded soy wax and the seasoning is chipped dye flakes, purely for festive decoration. So order yourself your very own cheese pizza from Little Nero's - No Fiddlin' Around!

Of course there are many more new and exciting candles in this year's Christmas collection, and we know you will love them all! We really stretched our imaginations this year to come up with a great variety of holiday scents and themes, and can't wait to share them with you! Check out our entire Christmas collection at now, and be sure to order by Nov. 21st to get your FREE mystery 4oz Christmas candle included with your order!


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