A must for any fan of Tim Burton's "A Nightmare Before Christmas"! Inspired by Sally's bottles in the film, these candles look spooky and smell divine. Choose from the drop-down menu which candle, or candle sets you would like.

DEADLY NIGHTSHADE: The bewitching aromas of pomegranate, blackberry, sandalwood, and vanilla. 

FROG'S BREATH: A mingling aroma of mossy earth and green herbs.

WORM'S WORT: The delightful fragrances of candied ginger, rich maple, orange zest, and cinnamon.


  • ~ 100% soy wax
    ~ Fragrance oil
    ~ Zinc-core wick
    ~ Solid dye chips (for color)
    ~ Paper labels
    ~ Lids
    ~ Glass jar/Tin

  • 16oz. Candle: 105+ Hours
    9oz Candle: 60+ Hours
    4oz. Candle: 20+ Hours
    Wax Melts: 8+ Hours