Snuggle up with your feline friend and enjoy a quiet evening with soothing scents and kitty purrs.



  • TOP NOTES - Fennel, Bergamot, and Sweet Sassafras
  • BOTTOM NOTES - Anise, White Clove, and Vanilla Spice


  • Triple-layered
  • Hand-poured with 100% Natural Soy Wax
  • Quality-sealing lid
  • Unique signature wax swirl on top
  • Burns cleanly and evenly
  • Excellent scent-throw
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This candle is from our line of 'Candles for Introverts'-themed candles. Check out the rest of our collection in the 'Introverts' menu category!


  • ~ 100% soy wax
    ~ Fragrance oil
    ~ Zinc-core wick
    ~ Solid dye chips (for color)
    ~ Paper labels
    ~ Lids
    ~ Glass jar/Tin

  • 16oz. Candle: 105+ Hours
    9oz Candle: 60+ Hours
    4oz. Candle: 20+ Hours
    Wax Melts: 8+ Hours