A must for any fan of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol", these candles are inspired by the three ghosts who visit Scrooge on Christmas Eve. Choose from the drop-down menu which candle, or candle sets you would like.

GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST - A memory-stirring blend of fir trees, cranberries, spun sugar, citrus, and vanilla.

GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT - The joyous festive fragrance of a freshly cut Christmas tree.

GHOST OF CHRISTMAS YET TO COME - The eerie blend of smoky tobacco leaf, cherry wood, leather, sweet honey, and vanilla bean.


  • ~ 100% soy wax
    ~ Fragrance oil
    ~ Zinc-core wick
    ~ Solid dye chips (for color)
    ~ Paper labels
    ~ Lids
    ~ Glass jar/Tin

  • 16oz. Candle: 105+ Hours
    9oz Candle: 60+ Hours
    4oz. Candle: 20+ Hours
    Wax Melts: 8+ Hours