It began with a Gothic Dream...

It began with a Gothic Dream in 2011.

As an alternative person, YouTube vlogger LeahMouse was frustrated that Halloween time was the only time one could really find products which suited the alternative lifestyle. She had the thought - "What if there was a line of spooky every-day items (not just clothing and makeup) for the alternative crowd available year-round?" She was determined to be the person to make this happen, and scented candles seemed to fit her niche.

Admittedly, her first few candles weren't the greatest, but she was still proud of them and posted some photos of them on Facebook. A few of friends asked if she'd be willing to sell them. Unsure of how to go about selling products online, she did some research and ended up with an Etsy page and a website to make her candles available to the world.

Her wax of choice is soy wax since it makes for a smooth, eco-friendly finish, and for her scents she wanted “alternative” scents rather than the same old "apple cinnamon" and "monkey farts" that everyone else sells. The first official candle was called "Gothic Dream", with a musky sweet scent and grey color, and is still the shop’s #1 bestselling candle! Underworld Connection candles have unique names, fragrances, and spooky appeal - complete with a signature “twist” wax swirl atop every candle. The line is always growing and evolving, and our customers have made Underworld Connection a small business we can be proud of.

“I love creating and making candles! It's exciting to have realized my original dream and be able to create and offer unique and good products. I look forward to having even more ideas and watching my dream grow even more while continuing to provide my customers with spooky and unique scents and designs for years to come.” - LeahMouse


from a dream to reality...



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